Ten Facts About Duluth’s Brewing Scene (you might not already know)

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With so much happening in the Twin Cities’ craft beer scene, it can be hard for Metro-area drinkers to look beyond their borders to see what’s happening in other parts of the state.

Like the Twin Cities, Duluth is undergoing a serious craft beer boom, one that ties into the Twin Cities’ beer scene in many unexpected ways. Here are ten facts about the Duluth craft brewing scene every beer geek should know.

1. Fitger’s Brewhouse is just the beginning.

Most craft beer fans in Minnesota have stopped in for a pint at Fitger’s Brewhouse, or are at least aware of the name. Founded in 1995, Fitger’s was the first brewpub in northern Minnesota and the only one in Duluth for many years. Since then, Fitger’s has added several satellite restaurants, such as Tycoon’s Alehouse, Redstar Nightclub and Burrito Union, all of which pour Fitger’s beer. But Fitger’s is no longer alone. The greater Duluth area is now home to breweries and brewpubs such as Borealis FermenteryCarmody Irish PubCanal Park Brewing CompanyCastle Danger BreweryDubh Linn Irish BrewpubDubrue, and Lake Superior Brewing Company – and there are more on the way.

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10. It feeds the cows.

The brewing process at Fitger’s results in up to 3,000 pounds of “spent grain” every week. So what do you do with that grain? It feeds Fitger’s cows. The grain is sent to a farm about 20 miles outside of Duluth, where Fitger’s owners keep a small group of Scottish Highland cattle. Ultimately, those cows will have a date with a dinner plate back at one of the Fitger’s restaurants.