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The gang at The Brewhouse in Duluth is celebrating the Olympics in their very own way, with a series of beers, art and swag revolving around the theme. And with around twenty Minnesotans headed to Sochi to compete, it seems appropriate! Cheer on your favorite Minnesota curler, xc skier, hockey player, speed skater or biathlete and grab a Brewhouse brew.

For this series, each of their brewers developed their own recipe -  a collaboration of brewer creativity. And to make mirror the Olympic games, they set up a little competition, pitting IPA vs. IPA. One IPA was brewed with 25 different hops from around the world and another was brewed with 25 different kinds of hops from the US. You can just hear the chants now, “U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

These beers will be available starting Monday, February 3rd. Like the Olympics, beers will be poured at different venues. Look for World IPA, Back End Wee Heavy, Slippery Slope Stout, and eventually USA IPA will be at theBrewhouse. You’ll find USA IPA and eventually World IPA at Burrito Union. USA Curling Capital can be found at Redstar. If you want all 7, the Rathskellar in the basement of Tycoons is the place to go—but pace yourself, these are big beers!