Minnesota’s Oldest Brewpub Comes to Market

May 9, 2018

Duluth BrewhouseFitger’s Brewhouse, Duluth’s oldest brewpub, will begin distributing beer across Minnesota on June 1, 2018. After two decades of demands for the Fitger’s famous “Apricot Wheat Ale” to come to market, the family-run business will begin distributing its sought-after beer throughout Minnesota. Fitger’s Brewhouse owner, Rod Raymond, and his son, Beau Raymond, founder of Bold Brewing, are renaming the beer to “Duluth Brewhouse.” “I’m so excited for the next chapter of Duluth Brewhouse beer. To think that my son would be the one leading the charge just embodies the strong family values and culture we promote at the brewpub,” Rod Raymond said. Beau Raymond adds, “I’m so grateful for this opportunity to promote such a high-quality product and well-respected beer brand. In a beer market saturated by constant new entries and crazy beer styles, we will be the old guy on the block finally joining the party. It’s going to be insanely fun and we have such a strong community.” Fitger’s Brewhouse, a restaurant and brewery based in Duluth, Minn., was established in 1995 and has produced more than 100 styles per year of award winning ales and lagers. For inquiries, or to speak with Beau Raymond, please contact him on his cell or email below.

Beau Raymond CEO/Founder Bold Brewing dba Duluth Brewhouse