Local Scene Series: Big Wave Dave's Funk Juice IPA

Like most good collaborations, it began over beer and pizza.
Local music has always been a huge part of the Brewhouse history. Watching live music not only celebrates the creative soul, but it brings people together to have a good time, and this is something the Brewhouse can always get down on.
Our Local Scene Series kicks off by celebrating local favorites with Big Wave Dave and the Ripples.
The collaboration began many weeks ago as we sat down with some of the Ripples and brainstormed styles and flavors that represented the band, and really grooved with their style.
Something important to the group: Drinkability
“I want to be able to drink a few and make it to the 3rd Set”
They came in to visit the brewery again during the brewing process to tour the brewery and learn a little bit more about all the steps going into making their brew.
We give to you, “Big Wave Dave’s Funk Juice”, a New England Style IPA brewed with a unique blend of five hop varieties to bring you wave after wave of juicy tropical fruit, melon, lime leaf, and resinous pine.
Even though this IPA is more of a splash than a ripple, it's just perfect for the funktastic Big Wave Dave and the Ripples.
Join us on November 17 at The Barrel Room as we celebrate the Release of Big Wave Dave's Funk Juice IPA with a show by Big Wave Dave and the Ripples. See you for the downbeat.