Local CMT Farm & Brewhouse Team Up for Beer Soap

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CMT Farm has been making handcrafted, natural goat's milk soap on their 50 acres south of Superior for years. Now, they are trying their hand at something new: a Fitger's Brewhouse beer soap.

Carolyn Jones and her family started out years ago with just three goats, now they have a few more.

"It's so fun to see all the new babies, and sometimes the babies come in the house," said Jones.


Born last month, they have 21 new kids running and hopping around. In addition to their little ones, they also have 20 milking goats and five meat goats.

Each goat has a unique name, this year's batch is named after the Hunger Games.

"We have Cato, then we have Cinna, and there is Rue and Peeta," explained Jones.

Every morning, Jones milks the goats. She said the milk is rich in vitamins, proteins, and minerals, making it great for moisturizing skin.


Upstairs in the barn, is the soap shop. Jones has two lines of goat's milk soap, Gitchee Goat and Garden of Spice, which she has made for years, but you can also find her new ventures ready to be labeled.

"I have some Fitger's Apricot Wheat, and I am testing with Cascade hops," explained Jones.

She's teaming up with Fitger's Brewhouse and her beer soap and lip balm will roll out at the Beer Store this week.

"It's just another step in the direction, where we are constantly striving to be more local, source more locally, it started with our beer, to our food, and now to our merchandising store," said Brad Nelson with Fitger's.

Fitger's Apricot Wheat beer is one of four natural ingredients in the soap.

The soap and lip balm will be available starting Thursday night at the Fitger's Brewhouse Beer Store. It is Ladies Night at Fitger's and they will have all sorts of discounts, samples of beer, and even baby goats to see.