Hops To It Volunteers Start Spring Cleanup

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DULUTH - It's time for spring cleaning and folks got out in the community today to clean up a Chester Bowl.

This clean up started seven years ago and has gone from just a few people cleaning to more than 40 this  year.

Just Take Action is behind the clean up and they say they just want everyone to be able to enjoy the park when they visit this summer.

"It's a cool park in the middle of Duluth and a highly trafficked area so a lot of people throw their garbage and everything all around and sometimes it gets blown out of the dumpster. So, we're just here to make sure that this park looks good," explained Maxwell McGruder, the Senior Designer for Just Take Action.

They're looking to expand the clean up to doing it two or three times a year.

Folks at the clean up told us cigarette butts were the number one thing they found littered on the ground.