Hops To It Seed Lending Library

On January 28th from 1-3pm the Fitger’s Brewhouse Hops To It volunteer society volunteered at the main Duluth Public Library to help pack seeds in packages for the new Seed Lending Library. According to the Duluth Public Library’s website, the goals of the Duluth Public Seed Lending Library are to:

  1. Instill the important principle of public ownership of seed and plant materials

  2. Provide a public source of seeds for all citizens of Duluth so they may grow their own healthy food

  3. Increase knowledge of gardening and home horticulture

  4. Increase consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables

  5. Enhance the social capital of Duluth by engaging community members in a positive activity

  6. Contribute to developing a regionally-adapted seed stock

This is the first year of the Seed Lending Library and the Hops To It group chose this volunteer opportunity because the Seed Lending Library is an important step in supporting local agriculture, something that Fitger's Brewhouse is actively working towards.