Fitger's Brewhouse Brewing Bolder Beers

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Duluth, MN ( - In 1996, Fitger's Brewhouse and Taphouse in Duluth began brewing again, ahead of the craft brew boom that has since followed.

"I mean, everybody should know we are in the peak of brewing history right now," said Fitger's Minister of culture and propaganda Brad Nelson. "We have more breweries in the United States right now than we have ever had in the history of brewing."

Now, in 2014, Nelson says it's clear the crowd favorite in the Northland is the hop–drenched ale styles, like the American IPA.

"That said, you do not need to be an IPA lover in order to be a craft beer lover," laughed Nelson.

It's a demand that Canal Park Brewing Company Brewmaster Badger Colish says will keep an IPA on their tap indefinitely.

"At the same time, people are trying to expand their palettes, too, and they do venture into other places," said Colish, standing by massive stainless steel kettels, "sour beers are a booming trend; barrel–aged beers are a growing trend."

"There are sweet beers, there are malty, thick beers," listed Nelson, "there are light beers—like a Pilsner—that's just perfect for a hot summer day."

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