Fitger's Brewhouse Hops To It!

One of the most important things for good beer is good water. Brewing right on Lake Superior means we have access to some of the best water in the world, and we want to keep it that way. As part of our new ‘Hops To It’ project, we teamed up with the Great Lakes Aquarium and the Alliance for the Great Lakes for their Adopt-a-Beach event in September.

These groups helped to teach our volunteers how to test the water and gave them the supplies and knowledge to clean up the shoreline from Leif Erikson Park to Brewhouse.

“We chose Leif Erikson Park to the Brewhouse because we thought it would be a great way to get our employees involved and it is in a great vicinity,” said Elle Nelson, Just Take Action events coordinator.

As it was the first Hops To It event, it was only a small group of about 8 that ended up participating. But according to Nelson, even with a limited amount of people they were able to pick up 10 garbage bags worth of trash and damaging materials such as syringes, glass, and even tires! This amount of garbage shows how important it is for an effort to be made regularly to make sure that the beach is getting cleaned up. Our Hops To It volunteer group plans to be out there again in the spring to take care of anything that may have washed up or accumulated over the winter, and to provide another way for the community to give back.

According to Nelson this was a really fun way to get people involved with protecting the environment and something very important to us - Lake Superior. The tests of the water that were taken at the shore came back clean, with no evidence of things like e. coli - which is great news for our beer!