Family Style Dining at Tycoons Alehouse

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A restaurant in downtown Duluth has added a new twist to their menu. Tycoon's Alehouse has now started offering family style meals.

Marketing Director, Brad Nelson says the response has been great. "People are surprised that we are offering it."

This is how it works, you can order portions of different meals in sizes that would serve up to four people. It's the same food you have enjoyed before, but in larger portions.

Family dining isn't a new concept, although it hasn't been done in the Northland for awhile. Tycoon's decided to fill that void. They wanted to bring the "best of home dining" into the Tycoon's experience.

"It's just more fun," Nelson said. "You get to share things and try things." Nelson also says the intent of the restaurant was to appeal to families rather than just the adult beverage crowd. "It's a little more cost effective for families," he said.

Tycoon's Alehouse is located at 132 E Superior Street in Duluth. You can find out more about the restaurant by visiting their website at