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For The Rathskeller’s new General Manager, the craft is taking pride in the cocktails and the customer experience

The Rathskeller’s new General Manager, Kai Soderberg. Image: Jodie Cowan/JTA By Dennis Kempton Over the years since it first opened, The Rathskeller has burnished its reputation as one of the top whiskey bars in the state of Minnesota. And for good reason. When you have the most unique spot in the city, people expect more.

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2018 – What a Year for Brewhouse Beer!

We fondly look back at our past year with our Brewhouse family. One more year loaded with sweet recollections,  cheerful times, and (of course) excellent beer.  2018 felt like the turning of a page for our organization for so many wonderful reasons.  We welcomed our new Head Brewer, Alex Chocholousek, (it’s a mouthful, we fondly refer

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Local Glass Artist Jes Durfee’s Unique Tap Handles Add Local Flair to Brewhouse, The Barrel Room, and Burrito Union

He sits at a large table that serves as his work station in a small studio tucked under Duluth’s old police station on East Superior Street. It’s a work table that is distressed and worn from many hours of honing his craft. Rods of multicolored glass reach up like bare branches from holders made of

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Fetchin’ Food with Foster

Check out Foster getting his fill on at The Brewhouse! Thanks so much for reviewing us, Fetching Food with Foster! <3

Minnesota’s Oldest Brewpub Comes to Market

May 9, 2018 Fitger’s Brewhouse, Duluth’s oldest brewpub, will begin distributing beer across Minnesota on June 1, 2018. After two decades of demands for the Fitger’s famous “Apricot Wheat Ale” to come to market, the family-run business will begin distributing its sought-after beer throughout Minnesota. Fitger’s Brewhouse owner, Rod Raymond, and his son, Beau Raymond,

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The Placebo Pilsner

Sometimes curve balls DO get knocked out of the park. The old adage of “being thrown a curve ball” is usually a reference of being overwhelmed or taken aback by the unexpected. Our Master Brewer Ted Briggs was thrown a curve ball when brewing a Pilsner last month. Like a typical traditional pilsner, Ted started with soft Lake Superior water, which just happens to be the best for this style beer outside the village of Pilsen in Bohemia (Germany). 

Deep Thoughts with Dave Hoops in The Growler

The Growler Story Here >> This issue, we are going to touch on beer and food, two topics I sure love. My name is Dave Hoops, Master Brewer at Fitger’s Brewhouse in Duluth, Minnesota. In this issue we address two of my favorite topics: Food and beer. People that love great food have been pairing wine

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Tycoons Zenith Alehouse in Live Beats and Good Eats article via The Growler

The Growler Story Here >> Tycoon’s Zenith Alehouse By the turn of the 20th century, Duluth had the most millionaires of any city in the world for its size, lands bulging with untold resources, and a population fast approaching Chicago, giving credence to Dr. Thomas Foster’s 1868 claim that Duluth was the “Zenith City of

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Melissa Rainville Talks Shop with The Growler

The Growler Story Here >> This issue’s Brewer Profile finds Melissa Rainville of Fitger’s Brewhouse hard at work. By Brian Kaufenberg Photos by Maxwell McGruder of Dapperman Studios Name: Melissa Rainville Hometown: Minneapolis, MN Works at: Fitger’s Brewhouse Turn-Ons: Integrity, authenticity, and beards with a smattering of grey in them. Turn-Offs: Self-importance, ostentatiousness, folks that don’t use dental floss. The Growler: What’s in your

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Why I Love Hops by Dave Hoops

The Growler Story Here In this edition of Deep Thoughts With Dave Hoops, I talk about one of  my favorite beer ingredients—hops. Reprinted from the Dec/Jan 2013 issue of The Growler Magazine My name is Dave Hoops, Master Brewer at Fitger’s Brewhouse in Duluth, Minnesota. The hops used in brewing are the female flowers of the hop plant, Humulus

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