CBS puts Burrito Union on "Best Breakfast Burritos in Minnesota" List

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Breakfast burritos are a great way to energize you. They can include meat, veggies, cheese and eggs – all great things with which to start your day. You can find them on the menu at many places around the Twin Cities, but make a special trip to one of these establishments if you’re looking for a breakfast burrito that will be remembered by your taste buds long after the last bite.

Burrito Union in Duluth is one of the best places to eat a burrito on the North Shore. It offers seven special burritos all with their own unique twist and as an added bonus, and depending on your hunger level, you can order the burritos ‘one fisted’ or ‘two fisted.’ If you’re feeling a little fishy, try the Baltic Burrito ($8.49/$10.99). It’s packed with cabbage, cheese, salsa and pan-seared cajun-spiced cod and served with a house-made remoulade on the side.