Behind the Label: Tom Moriarty

Behind the Label Tom MoriartyTom Moriarty BG Eyes Mural

By now you've seen our Cherry Batch #24 artwork release, but just who is the person behind the punchy red lips? That would be Tom Moriarty, a Duluth-based artist who's work you've seen at places like Brewer's Garage, Duluth Coffee Company and Taco Arcada with a style that calls back to when the analog and digital worlds collided in the '90s. In fact, during the '90s was when Tom started flexing his creative muscles with projects his dad had and asked for his input on. Some of his earliest memories of making art was when his Dad would paint a friend's demolition derby car every summer, asking Tom for ideas which resulted in a lot of "Simpsons and green aliens" - you know, '90s kids' stuff! Since childhood, Moriarty's creativity has grown to include a multitude of different 2D and 3D disciplines, including (but not limited to): murals, graphic design, painting, drawing, typography, printmaking, sculpture, and a technique he has coined as "collagistrations", meaning a mash-up of collage which he illustrates on top of. One of his current explorations is in interactive art, connecting paintings and sculptures to microcontrollers with conductive inks and alligator clips, saying they output sound when you physically interact with the art - like a musical instrument. Tom has also been featured in local publications before, such as Perfect Duluth Day (article linked here). If you'd like to learn more about Tom, or perhaps get some artwork done by him, you can reach him by e-mail ( or through Instagram (@bazooka.wormhole).