Saison is an uncommon style of beer from the French speaking part of Belgium. Saison (french for “season”) was traditionally brewed in small farmhouse breweries. It was made in the spring for consumption in the winter. Winter Lightning is a stronger version of a traditional saison. We laid this beer in Napa Valley fresh dumped Cabernet Sauvignon Barrels and added Brettanomyces. In most beer styles Brettanomyces is viewed as a contaminant and the characteristics it imparts are considered unwelcome “off-flavours.” However, in many styles, particularly certain traditional Belgian ales, it is appreciated and encouraged. Lambic and gueuze owe their unique flavour profiles to Brettanomyces. This wild yeast complements the oak and wine flavors in this beer with a sour effervesce and fruity notes.

ABV: 10.5
SRM: 6
IBU: 47