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The heart of our operation is the Fitger’s Brewhouse Brewery. We love every part of it: the bouquet of hops, the sweet scent of milled grain, the poignant yeasts, the polished metal of our tanks and barrels. Experience our historic brewery, learn about Duluth craft beer, and taste the beer that shaped the Duluth brewing scene.


SATURDAYS: 2:00PM & 3:30PM
TICKETS: Adults 21+: $11.00
A free sample glass, 3+ samples, and an hour tour. Children are welcome to attend for free without samples or a glass.

(218) 625-8646



About Our Brewery

This year, Fitger’s Brewhouse will produce more than 3000 barrels of award winning ales and lagers from our 10-barrel Duluth, Minnesota brewery. Our brewery is operated by a crew of 8. Our catalog boasts over 100 different recipes of unfiltered ales and lagers brewed from the highest-quality ingredients.

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Ted Briggs, our BrewMaster, is a seasoned brewer who has been working for two decades at brewpubs and breweries around the nation. He studied brewery science and engineering at the American Brewers Guild and has won a number of awards. He joined us in late 2016 and brought with him experience, determination, and a creative palette.