Kölsch refers to something from or in, or in the style of something from or in, the city of Cologne (Köln) in the North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany Kölsch beers are typically less bitter than a Pilsener (though they are similar in body, color and strength) and marry the flavors of sweet-bready malt, spicy noble hops and fruity (almost white-wine like) top fermenting yeast. Kölsch beers are light, crisp and refreshing; they are meant to be consumed in quantity and are often prized for their digestive qualities. In short, Kölsch is the ultimate summer session beer for connoisseurs.

We used 100% imported German malt ,the hops we  used are also imported from Germany and are only grown in the Hallertau region of Bavaria. Hallertau Mittelfrüh are some of the most delicate, distinctive and highly prized hops in the world. Finally, used  traditional top-fermenting Kölsch yeast.

ABV: 5.2
SRM: 3
IBU: 22