This beer is our version of a very unique Belgian beer style brewed only in the Lambic region outside Brussels. Lambic beer is brewed without the addition of yeast. The beer is brewed then allowed to cool in open vats and yeast in the air inoculates the beer. These beers are always sour and long aged

Fermentation takes 6 months to 2 years. At that point the lambic beer is poured as is, or blended with younger lambic and called guezue or fruit is added for a refermenation and some sweetness to balance the sour tart flavors.

We brewed this beer over 3 years ago.  The first step was adding wild yeast. We did this  in an oak barrel. We pitched wild yeast and started fermentation. (This beer was brewed totally in non brewery area’s of The Brewhouse to make sure we did not infect our other beers).

Fermentation started slowly after about 6 months it was going strong. We allowed the beer to ferment in the barrel for almost 2 years. We then moved to another barrel and added Raspberries. Another fermentation took place. This very rare and special beer is 3 years old. Strong notes of lactic, bitter sour aroma will come thru with a very tart flavor balanced slightly by the fruit.

Awards won:

– Silver medal @ Festival of Barrel Aged Beers (2008)

– Bronze medal @ Great American Beer Fest (2012)

ABV: 6.4
SRM: 3.5
IBU: 0