May 28, 2015 – Fitger’s Brewhouse opened in 1995 and began brewing beer in early 1996. The small-batch brewery has served hundreds of thousands of craft beer fans since, which has required a whole lot of batches, 4,000 to be exact. Master Brewer Dave Hoops has created a recipe to celebrate this incredible benchmark, Batch 4000 Chocolate Chili Milk Stout.

“It’s pretty amazing thinking back to the dream of brewing our own beer,” said Brewhouse co-founder Tim Nelson. “We’d been open a year when we decided to become a brewpub. It was something that I thought would add sustainability. I think that it has. 4,000 batches is proof in the pudding. I’m proud to still be here adding our voice in a real way to the craft beer conversation.”

When Fitger’s Brewhouse began brewing, only three other craft breweries were operating in the state: Schell’s, Summit, and Lake Superior.

“Over the course of my career,” reflected Hoops, “I have been very fortunate for the help and advice of hundreds of brewer friends of mine. This milestone is a tribute to all the folks that helped me along the way.”

According to Hoops, the recipe was hatched with an ex-Brewhouse brewer now working at New Belgium Brewing in Fort Collins, CO. “We were barbecueing and drinking a peppar ale,” explained Hoops. “The idea to add chocolate came about during dessert. We are very proud to release this beer and are already thinking about batch 5000.”

Batch 4000 will be officially released this Thursday, June 4 at Fitger’s Brewhouse. Hoops will offer a toast at 9pm and music by The Boomchucks will follow. Please mark your calendars and join us to celebrate this brewing landmark.