Our hoppiest full time beer. Very full bodied and not very balanced. Hops first, second, and last.  There is enough malt to offset the hops. 7 hop additions as well as dry hopped. IPA’s were originally made by the British to survive the long voyage to India from Britain. High alcohol and hopping rate preserved the ales and ensured they would be drinkable upon arrival.  California brewers decided to push that even further in the 1990s. Since I started my career out there and transplanted here, I brought my tastes, but now they are ‘North Shore’ style ales.  Our IPA is double hopped with a floral nose from the dry hopping.  Great with anything spicy or strong flavored.

Awards won:

– Gold medal @ Great Lakes Brewpub competition (2000)

ABV: 7.2
SRM: 6
IBU: 112