Our Duluth Session beer series includes Duluth Pale Ale, Duluth Black Ale, Twin Ports Session and Duluth Red Ale. Malt driven dry hopped low alcohol high flavor beer for sessions with friends and family.

This is the third in our series of Duluth ‘session beers’, following DPA and DBA.

Definition of a session beer:

“Any beer that contains no higher than 5% ABV, featuring a balance between malt and hop characters (ingredients) and, typically, a clean finish – a combination of which creates a beer with high drinkability.  The purpose of a session beer is to allow a beer drinker to have multiple beers within a reasonable time period or session, without overwhelming the senses or reaching inappropriate levels of intoxication.  (Yes, you can drink and enjoy beer without getting drunk)

Now, all 3 Duluth series beers are heavily hopped and feature floral citrus aromas that we love. So this red ale has a nice malt flavor but is still hop first. The lower alcohol allows for multiple pints!

ABV: 4.7
SRM: 18
IBU: 45