The Placebo Pilsner

Sometimes curve balls DO get knocked out of the park. The old adage of “being thrown a curve ball” is usually a reference of being overwhelmed or taken aback by the unexpected. Our Master Brewer Ted Briggs was thrown a curve ball when brewing a Pilsner last month. Like a typical traditional pilsner, Ted started with soft Lake Superior water, which just happens to be the best for this style beer outside the village of Pilsen in Bohemia (Germany). 

National Beer Day

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An open letter from the Downstream Business Coalition

October 22, 2015 The Economy of the North Depends on Clean Water Governor Dayton – Invest in sustainable local business development instead of spending state resources permitting and regulating Polymet We are the Downstream Business Coalition We are a group of 38 small businesses, representing a cross-section of industries, including technology, manufacturing, service, entertainment and [...]

Fitger’s Brewhouse Adapts Cicerone Beer Server Training Program

Fitger’s Brewhouse and it’s tied houses are beer-focused establishments with an award-winning brewery at their heart. As such, our servers and bartenders must be well versed in beer knowledge and beer-serving techniques. To that aim, the Brewhouse has turned to the Cicerone Certification Program, a multi-level beer-education system.   Fitger’s Brewhouse offers classes to its [...]

Woodford Barrels 12 & 13 Arrive

Fitger’s Brewhouse Master Brewer Dave Hoops and Principal Tim Nelson once again traveled to the Woodford Reserve Distillery near Versailles, KY to hand select our signature small-batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey through Woodford’s unique personal-selection program. Woodford Master Distiller Chris Morris personally guided them through the process. The current selection, Barrels 12 & 13, feature [...]
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