Local Scene Series: Burn Mountain Rye

We began our collaboration with an attempt phone call out to their remote cabin. "Hang on. Let me drive down the road for better service" This right here is a statement about the Brother's. They are inspired by the depths of the nature world; being out in the remote areas of Minnesota is where their [...]

Local Scene Series: Big Wave Dave’s Funk Juice IPA

Like most good collaborations, it began over beer and pizza. Local music has always been a huge part of the Brewhouse history. Watching live music not only celebrates the creative soul, but it brings people together to have a good time, and this is something the Brewhouse can always get down on. Our Local Scene [...]

Cherry Batch #23

Cherry Batch season has arrived! We are celebrating 23 years in our awesome city of Duluth, Minnesota! The release of our annual Cherry Batch Ale will at The Barrel Room with JTA employee's Bands! Our sought-after malty red ale is made with 800lbs of Door County cherries! ABV: 6.2 Preorder for 750 ml wax sealed [...]

Fetchin’ Food with Foster

Check out Foster getting his fill on at The Brewhouse! Thanks so much for reviewing us, Fetching Food with Foster! <3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0wUTgzR390&feature=youtu.be