The holiday season is best paired with craft beer and craft meat. Now you can bring Brewhouse Beef home—in one-pound packages from the Brewhouse or as custom orders of quarter, half, or whole cows.

Brewhouse Beef comes from our fold of Scottish Highland cattle. Scottish Highland is a heritage breed, originally brought to Scotland from Norway. We utilize this breed due to it’s positive impact on the land, heartiness in the cold of the Duluth area, and ability to defend itself from wolves and other would-be northwoods predators. These free-range cows have their grassy diets enriched with spent grain from our brewery (nutrient-rich grain left after the sugars for beer making have been extracted).

Brewhouse Beef can be enjoyed as the “Butchers Choice” at Tycoons Alehouse or as the Cowboy Burger at Fitger’s Brewhouse. And now, in your own home!

One-pound ground beef packages can be purchased at Fitger’s Brewhouse.

For custom bulk orders, go to or call Tycoons Alehouse at (218) 623-1889 to place your order.