It’s already August and we are getting ready to show off the skills we have got under our belts from a summer of camping. The first Boundary Waters games are almost upon us! Hosted by Fitger’s Brewhouse and Duluth Pack from 6-9pm on August 29th at Corner of the Lake Park next to Endion Station Public House, this event puts teams against one another to see who is best at our “essential” Boundary Waters camping skills.

With announcing from Olympic commentator Chad Salmela, teams will compete in 6 events to take home the “Golden Paddle” award. These events include a portage race, bail-your-canoe race, boil-water race, set-up-a-tent race, baked-beans-in-a-can eating contest, and a loon-calling contest. The event will be paired by a fish fry at Endion Station served alongside a Boundary Waters themed beer from Fitger’s Brewhouse.

“Where else would you find this fun and love for the outdoors?” says Fitger’s Brewhouse Minister of Culture and Propaganda Brad Nelson. “Both of our companies are tied to our sense of place, this event will celebrate that.”


Duluth has long been thought of as an outdoor recreation mecca and has even recently been voted as Outdoor Magazine’s best outdoor city. Duluth is also the most popular stop on the way to the world’s largest 100% protected wilderness area, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. This is evidenced by Duluth Pack’s status as the number one permitting location to the BWCA and the two decades that Fitger’s Brewhouse has been feeding travelers and more recently has been sending them to the wilderness with their award-winning craft brews. Duluth Pack and Fitger’s Brewhouse have teamed up before for small events and to create together a growler carrier perfect for bringing your beer on any adventure.