Once a year on Black Friday, Brewhouse Master Brewer Dave Hoops builds an enviable tapline of some of his favorite dark brews for the Tycoons Alehouse’ Rathskeller. Black Beer Friday is the penultimate break (or hideout) from holiday shopping. The black gold starts pouring at 2pm on Friday. Buy two brews and get ½ off your third.


The 2014 lineup of delicious dark brews is:

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Barrel Aged Edmund Imperial Stout. 11.2%

$5.30 / 10 oz pour

Our Edmund Imperial Stout was aged in Woodford Bourbon Barrels for seven months. Expect this beer to be black as night with a dark brown head. Complex aromas of oak, vanilla, bourbon, and chocolate are evident. The flavors in this full-bodied beer are as complex as the aromas: chocolate, bourbon, licorice. This beer won Gold in 2010, silver in 2008 and bronze in 2007 at the Barrel Aged Beer Festival in Chicago


2013 Bourbon County Stout 15%

Goose Island, Chicago, IL

$ 6.00 / 10 oz pour

This imperial stout is the first Goose Island brew to be aged in bourbon barrels. Heaven Hill barrels are used for an eight-month aging period. Vanilla, chocolate, roast and coffee without alcohol burn or acidity. A special expression of stout.


2014 Bourbon County Stout

Goose Island, Chicago, IL

$6.00 / 10 oz pour


2013 Surly Darkness 9.9%

Brooklyn Center, MN

$6.00 / 10 oz pour

This massive Russian Imperial Stout brings waves of flavors: chocolate, cherries, raisins, coffee, and toffee. This stout is one of the toughest beers to find on tap.


2014 Barrel Aged Surly Darkness 10.3%

This version of Darkness has been aged in Rye Barrels from High West Distillery in Utah.

$6.00 / 10 oz pour


Alaskan Smoked Porter 6.5%

Juneau, AK

$6.50 / pint or $4.75 / 10 oz pour

Alaskan Smoked Porter pours to a jet-black color with a creamy tan head and a chocolaty, phenolic nose laced with hints of smoke. The palate is rich and full with a thick mouthfeel that coats the tongue with deep dark notes of bittersweet chocolate. Of course, a decided smokiness permeates the beer, and like the nose, imparts more of that phenolic character. There are hints of espresso and green olive here, too. The finish is smoky, and along with a grassy, herbal hop bitterness and decided roast character makes this a dry, satisfying brew of great character.


2012 Deschutes The Abyss 11%

Bend, OR

$6.00  / 10 oz pour

A deep, dark Imperial Stout, The Abyss has almost immeasurable depth and complexity. Hints of molasses, licorice and other alluring flavors make it something not just to quaff, but contemplate.


2012 Deschutes Black Butte XXV 11.3%

Bend, Oregon

$5.30 / 10 oz pour

Dates, figs and chocolate. Black currants, barrel-aged in bourbon casks. The result is an Imperial Porter with a tart berry and chocolate aroma with luscious layers of dried fruit, oak and vanilla. A fitting tribute to the 25th Anniversary of this legendary brewery’s flagship beer.


Goose Island The Muddy 9.0%

Chicago, IL

$5.30 / 10 oz pour

Brewed with molasses, brewer’s licorice, and Belgian dark rock candy sugar, The Muddy is an imperial stout with amplified sweetness for a taste as distinctive as the Chicago blues that inspired its creation.



Odell Mountain Standard

Double Black IPA 9.5%

Fort Collins, CO

$6.00 / 10 oz pour

As the Colorado hop growers prove they can produce world-class hops, Colorado craft brewers want to showcase what the state offers. Mountain Standard Double Black IPA features the homegrown hops our Brewers helped pick from farms along Colorado’s western slope. MST pours dark with a light tan head and a slightly roasted hoppy nose. An ephemeral bitterness, the result of combining roasted malts with an assertive American hop profile, contributes to MST’s act of balance and harmony.


Bent Paddle Bourbon Barrel Aged Double Black Ale 10.4%

Duluth, MN

$6.00 / 10 oz pour

Aged in Jim Beam Bourbon barrels for six months, this full bodied ale walks the line between deep, chocolate coffee notes, and vanilla and stone fruit flavors. A warming bourbony finish rounds this great beer out.


Odell Gramps Sweet Stout 6.4%

Fort Collins, CO

$5.30 / pint or $4.00 / 10 oz pour

Inspired by our small-batch pilot system, the Roots Release series honors our experimental brewing roots and invites you to sample some of our favorites.  Flaked oats and roasted malts give Gramps a full body and creamy smooth mouthfeel. Hints of chocolate, coffee and cream combine for a complex yet familiar taste of breakfast back home.



Bells Cherry Stout 7.0%

Galesburg, MI

$6.30 / pint or $4.00 / 10 oz pour

Tinted ruby-black, Cherry Stout gains its signature tartness from 100% Montmorency cherries grown in Michigan’s Traverse City region. Rather than doubling up on sweetness, this tart cherry varietal serves as a counterpoint to the warm, dark chocolate notes from the malt bill.



Sociable Cider Werks Spoke Wrench 6.8%

Minneapolis, MN

$5.30 / pint or $4.00 / 10 oz pour

Spoke Wrench is crafted using a blend of the Midwest’s best apples and a hearty stout brewers wort that’s then fermented using a traditional English ale yeast.  When you take your first swallow of Spoke Wrench you will immediately taste the spicy chocolate and roasted toffee aromas typical of a stout style beer. Those flavors quickly transition to the crispness of a cider.