The Antje Zes is a special seasonal offering brewed in the Belgian dubble abbey style.  The name is the Dutch version of Anja #6.  This follows the convention of some Trappist monasteries to simply call the beer after the Abbey and add a number, usually indicating the strength of the beer.   The beers namesake Anja is a very special 6 ½ year old and the Antje Zes just happens to be 6.5% abv.

The wort was created from pilsner, wheat, cara-vienna, aromatic and special B malts; this lead to a lighter bodied beer rich in amber and garnet hues.  It is bready and rich in complex malt character while actually finishing somewhat dry.  Fermentation was carried out by White labs 530 Abbey Ale yeast. The yeast character is strong and highlights the massive estery – dried plum, raisin, wine like flavors while also presenting some spicy and warm phenolic notes.   A unique twist in the Antje Zes is the use of prune juice in place of the traditional Belgian candy sugar to boost the gravity and achieve the desired body.   The prune juice added plenty of sugar and lovely flavors that complement the malt and yeast character quite well, (and nothing more).

ABV: 6.5
SRM: 10
IBU: 22